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Helpful Guides (PDF Files to print):

Basic Watercolor Supplies What to buy to start painting today!

Where do I start?  How to begin your watercolor painting.  Includes instructions on using transfer paper.

What is the Subject?  How to choose a satisfying subject to paint.

Color Mixing Chart  Print this chart on card-stock or watercolor paper to create a custom mixing chart with your colors

Dawn's Color Wheel  A variation on the Quiller Color wheel that will help you become a master color mixer!

Art Materials Resources:

Artist & Craftsman

ASW Express

Dick Blick

Jerry's Artarama

Arts Organizations:

Arsenal Center for the Arts

New England Watercolor Society

Watertown Art Association

Dawn Evans Scaltreto at her studio in Watertown, MA.  Photo by Jake Scaltreto

"These links will help you become the artist I know you can be!"

Dawn Evans Scaltreto

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